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AWS Cloud Expertise

Footprint IT Solutions, specialises in cloud architecture, networking, automation, system design, and software development. Recognising the paramount importance of AWS's pillars in cloud computing, the company is currently harnessing these pillars to achieve scalable, secure, and efficient cloud operations.

Operational Excellence

To bolster operational excellence, Footprint IT Solutions leverages AWS services such as AWS Lambda for serverless computing and AWS CloudFormation for infrastructure as code. These initiatives streamline deployments, automate operations, and infuse agility into their workflows.


Ensuring reliability is a cornerstone, with strategies like multi-AZ (Availability Zone) deployments ensuring high availability, Amazon RDS offering reliable relational database services, and AWS Backup providing centralized backup solutions across AWS services.

Cost Optimisation

Cost optimisation is achieved through judicious measures such as the adoption of AWS Cost Explorer for meticulous monitoring and control of AWS expenditure and Amazon EC2 Spot Instances to capitalize on spare computing capacity at reduced costs.


Security enhancements are paramount, achieved through the implementation of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to fortify access control, AWS Shield for shielding against DDoS attacks, and Amazon Inspector for automated security assessments, ensuring a robust security posture.

Performance Efficiency

To enhance performance efficiency, Footprint IT Solutions employs Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling to dynamically adjust resources in response to demand fluctuations and Amazon CloudFront for expedited content delivery, thereby optimising user experience.


In addition to the technical facets, Footprint IT Solutions also endeavours to promote sustainability through initiatives aimed at reducing carbon footprint, achieved through the efficient utilisation of cloud resources and the selection of AWS Regions powered by renewable energy sources.

Implementation of these solutions entails the adoption of specific AWS services, tools, and methodologies tailored to each pillar, systematically addressing challenges such as manual processes, security vulnerabilities, and operational inefficiencies.

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